Working 55 hours and up can lead to early death

p 1 working 55 hours a week can be deadly says recent who report

If working your self to the bone means clocking a minimum of 55 hours every week, it might truly be killing you. A brand new report from the World Well being Group and theInternational Labour Group demonstrates how the price of working atypically lengthy hours has actual, destructive results.

In accordance to the report, which targeted on outcomes from 2016, 398,000 individuals died from strokes and 347,000 died from coronary heart illness on account of working 55 hours or extra per week. The worldwide research is the primary to look at the deterioration of well being and life on account of working lengthy hours.

Between 2000 and 2016, overworking elevated an individual’s danger of coronary heart illness by 42% and the chance of stroke by 19%. In contrast to the standard 35-hour or 40-hour week, if an individual labored 55 hours or extra, the authors estimate their danger of ischemic coronary heart illness will increase by 17% and their danger of stroke by 35%. The deaths have been extra pronounced in males, middle-aged or older staff, and individuals residing in areas of the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia.


The research provides that working lengthy hours is on the rise globally. Presently, 9% of your complete inhabitants is working a minimum of 55 hours. With extra individuals working from dwelling and companies working round staffing shortages, extra staff really feel the stress to stay on the clock. Quick Firm beforehand reported on a 2021 worker engagement survey that confirmed greater than half of the respondents have been frightened about showing productive to their bosses, and 44% of those respondents compensated by working longer hours.

Because the WHO and ILO research reveals, as well as to turnover and different burnout-related signs—resembling fatigue and stress—working too lengthy can doubtlessly shorten your lifespan as properly.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, states within the press launch, “No job is definitely worth the danger of stroke or coronary heart illness. Governments, employers and staff want to work collectively to agree on limits to defend the well being of staff.”