Why is there a boba tea shortage? Bubble woes explained

The boba tea bubble has burst, as a result of there’s a scarcity of bubbles.

Properly, they’re probably not bubbles, however tapioca pearls blended into the drink.

The issue is there’s not sufficient tapioca starch, resulting from delivery delays from Asia.


Initially from Taiwan, boba tea, aka bubble tea, is sweetened inexperienced or black tea doused with milk or fruit syrup and the eponymous chewable circles that give it its title.

The ships bringing the namesake bubbles are delayed or working gradual, the San Francisco Chronicle first reported.

One provider instructed the Northern California newspaper, “Within the subsequent week or so, tapioca can be a luxurious as a result of nobody is going to have it.”

Whereas the dearth of bubbles may not have the urgency of the nationwide lack of bathroom paper or hand sanitizer that People noticed firstly of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s sufficient to irk the already-annoyed client who retains listening to there aren’t sufficient, say, Peloton bikes, couches, Grape-Nuts, wading swimming pools, kettlebells, ketchup packets, and flour.

For instance, the Boba Guys chain, which sells boba provides, posted on Instagram to tell libation lovers about what’s happening: 99% of boba comes from abroad, and Thailand is the supply of uncooked tapioca starch.

“Since we personal our manufacturing unit, we’re affected much less, however delivery points and port congestion will nonetheless make our stock unstable,” the publish reads. “It is going to be inflow for a number of months till we get our subsequent sequence of tapioca starch shipments . . . Don’t get mad at boba retailers for working out of boba!”