What does Neutral Milk Hotel think of the new Neutral milk?

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The milk made by Neutral, a new carbon-neutral dairy firm, has completely nothing to do with the band Neutral Milk Hotel. The band, led by musician Jeff Magnum, was a extremely influential and acclaimed indie act of the late 1990s and early 2000s—particularly their seminal 1998 album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea—however has been on hiatus since 2015. The milk firm clearly is aware of about the band Neutral Milk Hotel, as the FAQ part on its web site makes an attempt a joke about the comparable names (“Regardless of our musical expertise we prioritized revolutionizing carbon impartial milk merchandise first”) however that’s the extent of the connection between dairy and indie rock.

However we had been curious what the band thinks about the overlap between its identify and the new milk firm. Magnum is considerably notoriously reclusive, and so Quick Firm was not in a position not attain him. We had been capable of contact Robert Schneider, the band’s producer, studio bass and keyboard participant, and horn arranger, who now has a doctorate in arithmetic and teaches at the College of Georgia. He replied by way of electronic mail:

“How humorous. Their branding wouldn’t have been fairly so quirky if Jeff  had continued together with his authentic band identify, which was merely Milk. Jeff is vegan, so he’s actually not impartial on the subject of milk itself. I’m merely vegetarian, so I’m professional milk, professional Neutral milk presumably as long as they’re moral with animals. If additionally they ran a lodge, I would suspect them of cashing in :-)”


The band, which fashioned in Ruston, Louisiana in the late Eighties, modified its identify when it realized that there was already one other band referred to as Milk, although it has by no means revealed the way it got here up with the identify Neutral Milk Hotel. As as to whether we could be listening to from Magnum with additional ideas, Schneider is fairly certain we gained’t: “It’s actually inconceivable that Jeff will reply, however I’ll move your electronic mail alongside to him.”