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I’ve Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue dysfunction, and this implies the standard handshake can by chance trigger a joint in my hand to dislocate. Since CoVid swept throughout the globe, an growing variety of individuals additionally need new methods to greet individuals. So what are options to the handshake? 

There are numerous handshake options worldwide, from giving a thumbs up, nodding the pinnacle to even the pandemic elbow-bump.  Nevertheless, it’s good to know the historical past and symbolism behind the options and the place they may trigger offense.  

Options to handshakes might be enjoyable and simple, however you’ll want to take care the place you utilize them. So let’s take a more in-depth have a look at the handshake options. 

Thumbs Up

The origins of the thumbs up is commonly credited to ancient Rome. The destiny of the Gladiators is alleged to have been decided by if the thumb pointed up or down. Nevertheless, there is debate on the image’s background, with some believing that the gesture was a “turning the thumb” and it led to your dying.

Whatever the unique which means, the thumbs up is now a well-liked option to greet individuals in the USA and lots of different Western cultures. It is usually used as a option to present approval or imply “good job.”

Nevertheless, the thumbs up is not acceptable everywhere. In some nations positioned in West Africa and the Center East, akin to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, the gesture symbolizes one thing nearer to the “center finger” gesture in the USA. In brief, it’s impolite.

A Nod with a Smile

The nod with a smile is my favourite various to the handshake. Most individuals can do it, no matter whether or not their fingers are full due to a squirming toddler or if they don’t have fingers as a result of a limb difference

The nod is not considered the same as the bow, though the actions do have some similarities. In accordance with the Center For Nonverbal Studies, Darwin claimed the pinnacle nod to be a close to-common indication of settlement, together with in reptiles. 

The top nod is mostly thought of a casual and pleasant motion. Nevertheless, not all cultures view a nod as “sure” and a shake as “no,” so take explicit care in Albania, Bulgaria, or Greece.


The bow is each a greeting and an indication of respect in lots of cultures. It pale from apply in the USA as a result of its association with monarchies. Many Asian cultures favor the bow over the handshake. In Japan, the bow isn’t a singular motion however adjusted for each which means and the state of affairs. You possibly can read more about the practice here.  



Namaste is a model of the bow. Western cultures have usually related it with the apply of yoga. Its title originates in Sanskrit and basically means “I bow to you.” Its reputation as a substitute for the handshake has risen in the United States during the pandemic

Elbow Bump

In 2014 Ebola was the illness filling the headlines, and Liberians started bumping elbows as a substitute for the handshake. Come 2020, the recognition of the elbow bump unfold, with Dr. Anthony Fauci happening to say, “don’t ever shake anybody’s hands.”

However the elbow bump is a a lot-debated gesture. The World Health Organization isn’t a fan, believing it, and the fist bump requires individuals to be too shut collectively. Whereas the information publication The Australian tweeted the headline “Why the elbow bump is the most ridiculous greeting in history.” 

Peace Signal

Flashing the peace signal: Churchill did it as “V” for victory;  the hippies used it as a part of the peace and antiwar motion; it’s a popular pose for photographs amongst many Asians; and, now, some are using it as an alternative to the handshake. The 2 fingers up, palm-out gesture is fairly simple to make use of, might be finished from a distance, and even has its personal “victory hand” emoji

Nevertheless, the gesture is extremely much like the UK’s two-finger-salute, which is the equal of the US’s offensive center-finger. The much less-well mannered model originated within the 1415 Battle of Agincourt. It’s a reference to the English archers, credited as key in defeating the French. 

Different Commonwealth countries the place it’s best to take care earlier than flashing two fingers are Australia, Canada, Eire, South Africa, and New Zealand. 

Bear in mind, if you’d like your greeting to be one in every of peace, not insult, it’s palm out, not in.

Tipping Your Hat

Tipping your hat could be a charming various to the handshake. Nevertheless, it does require you to have an precise hat to do it.

Hat tipping is alleged to have began when medieval knights wanted to express friendliness. As time went on, the gesture morphed into the tip, or what is named “doffing.”

The hat tip is mostly related to an motion by males in the direction of ladies, though not at all times. The gesture has an array of meanings, together with “hi there,” “goodbye,” “how do you do,” “thanks,” and “you’re welcome.” 

Fist Bump

The fist bump is believed to have originated on US city basketball courts, leading to  Fred Carter bringing it to the nation’s consideration within the Nineteen Seventies. President Obama brought it to the White House, and now Biden has publicly made an awkward attempt.


Just like the handshake and the elbow bump, the fist bump requires precise bodily contact. Nevertheless, researchers from Aberystwyth College argue that the fist bump is a cleaner alternative to the handshake. However for those who don’t take pleasure in touching, there’s the air fist pump.

Handshake Enjoyable Details

However what in regards to the poor handshake? Properly, in case you plug the subject of handshakes into answersocrates.com, it would recommend wanting into “handshake enjoyable information” or “handshake information.”

Handshake information:


Options to the handshake might be enjoyable. Simply keep in mind to think about the place you’re on this planet, so that you don’t trigger insult.