Tricking mosquitos into drinking beet juice could help curb malaria

The world’s deadliest animal, by far, is the mosquito. Malaria, Zika, dengue, West Nile, yellow fever, and chikungunya collectively kill a whole lot of 1000’s of individuals annually. And although well being organizations are making some progress—malaria deaths have dropped dramatically in Africa due to mattress nets and spraying, and a new vaccine will help—mosquitoes are nonetheless onerous to manage.

In Sweden, a startup known as Molecular Attraction is taking a brand new strategy to combating the insect. In a new study, the scientists behind the work clarify that it’s doable to trick mosquitoes into consuming a brand new drink that mimics human blood—however accommodates plant-based toxins that kill them.

Cofounder Noushin Emami, a molecular biosciences professor at Stockholm College, first found that blood, which accommodates the malaria parasite, is extra enticing to mosquitoes than common blood. Then she found {that a} molecule known as HMBPP is accountable: It releases a odor that draws mosquitoes, after which it additionally stimulates to mosquitoes to drink extra blood.


“It seems that HMBPP can pressure mosquitoes to drink nearly something, so long as the pH is true,” says Lech Ignatowicz, cofounder and CEO of Molecular Attraction. Within the new examine, the group examined feeding mosquitoes a mixture of beet juice supplemented with HMBPP and pure toxins. (Different sorts of plant juice could even be used.) The entire mosquitos died shortly after feeding.

“The massive benefit is that HMBPP doesn’t entice different bugs or different species,” Ignatowicz says. “So you need to use it as a passive approach of convincing mosquitoes to eat toxins.”

As a result of the combo attracts mosquitoes, a tiny quantity can do the identical work because the chemical substances which are used when governments spray pesticides over massive areas. Pesticides trigger different surroundings harm, and mosquitoes are evolving resistance to them, in order that they don’t work as properly. Different approaches contain making an attempt to take away standing water, which additionally isn’t environmentally useful.

The corporate’s discipline trials had been delayed by the pandemic, however after somewhat extra testing and refining of the formulation, it is going to quickly be prepared to be used. The purpose “is just not solely to commercialize this, but in addition to make it accessible and reasonably priced,” says Ignatowicz. “So by definition, it must be at scale. And it must be reasonably priced for individuals from essentially the most weak international locations.”

It’s not designed to remove mosquitoes utterly. “We wish to remove ailments they carry,” he says. “And likewise restrict the quantity of mosquitoes in proximity to individuals. So we are able to create, let’s say, a mosquito-free zone round your home, however we shouldn’t remove them utterly out of your state.”