This mask is compostable, recyclable, and comfortable to wear

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“The thought was to create a mask that’s on the identical stage as a product as client electronics, trend, and different product classes are,” says Johann Boedecker, CEO of Pentatonic, the design and expertise firm that cofounded the startup together with mannequin and entrepreneur Natalia Vodianova. “That features wearability, as a result of solely a mask that you simply’re comfortable sporting will shield you, and breathability, as a result of most masks on the market aren’t breathable sufficient to really feel comfortable, particularly for those who’re taking a brisk stroll or doing any sort of bodily strenuous exercise.” The founders additionally needed to create a mask that wouldn’t find yourself in landfills (or in incinerators, the place they might create much more air air pollution).

The corporate’s new mask filters out 94% of particles, the same efficiency to the N95 masks which might be thought-about the gold normal within the U.S. for coronavirus safety or on building websites. On the core is a brand new filter constructed from PHB, a bio-based materials that is designed to be compostable. “It’s one thing that doesn’t solely degrade, but it surely’s really metabolized by organisms,” he says. “Varied forms of micro organism can eat it.”

[Photo: Masuku]

The designers developed the filter from scratch, utilizing a brand new electrospinning course of to make very nice fibers—every as a lot as 1,000 instances smaller than a human hair—organized in a uniform grid, like a microscopic spiderweb. Normal masks use a random sample of fibers to catch particles and “look a bit like spaghetti in an electron microscope,” Boedecker says. The brand new method, which the corporate produces in its personal custom-developed manufacturing facility, signifies that the filter will be lower than a hundredth of the burden of a filter in a traditional mask as a result of it makes use of much less materials, and since they’ll management the structure, they’ll get rid of many of the gaps between fibers.

With a thinner filter, “You utilize a lot much less materials, and you don’t want to exert as a lot effort to breathe by it,” he says. That additionally signifies that the mask doesn’t have to match as tightly to the face, though the curved form is designed for a detailed match. “The necessity for a brilliant tight match partly comes from the truth that the filters of typical masks aren’t very breathable,” he says. “In case you have one thing that has numerous resistance, attempting to suck the air by it makes the air need to go round it extra, so that you want a very tight match to power the air by the filter. As your filter turns into extra breathable, you don’t want to seal it as tightly.”


Within the firm’s first mask, out now, known as Masuku One, the filter is sandwiched inside a comfortable cloth mesh constructed from recycled PET, which will be washed and reused. When it will definitely wears out, the fabric, body, and ear straps will be despatched again to the corporate to be recycled. The mask was rigorously designed for simple disassembly, with two principal items which might be ultrasonically welded collectively as a substitute of stitched with one other materials. If somebody faucets a chip within the mask with their telephone, it’ll present directions for recycling the mask, particular to their native data. The compostable filter is slightly extra sophisticated—the corporate is nonetheless working with composting amenities to work out one of the simplest ways to deal with the fabric, since peculiar masks aren’t allowed in metropolis compost, and the brand new filters may be pulled out in the event that they aren’t clearly marked. In the end, it must be potential to compost the filter in a yard bin, although the corporate is nonetheless getting remaining certifications. (The filters shouldn’t be discarded outdoors in nature, even if they’ll decompose.)

Though the vaccine rollout is dashing up, it’s potential that we’ll nonetheless want to wear masks to shield towards COVID-19 by 2022. And mask sporting could turn out to be extra mainstream even after the pandemic. Within the Western world, as we reel from the pandemic, sporting a mask whereas sick could turn out to be extra normal sooner or later, the best way it’s a traditional a part of the tradition in elements of Asia. And masks may also assist mitigate air air pollution. A lot of the world’s inhabitants breathes polluted air; in 2020, more people died from air pollution than from COVID-19. “Even with out this explicit pandemic, humanity will endure from more and more poor air high quality for a time frame, even regardless of our greatest efforts to undertake higher practices,” says Boedecker.