This map shows how appalling U.S. paid leave is, compared to the entir

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When a brand new mom has a toddler in Canada, she will get 35 weeks off. When a mom has a toddler in Algeria, she will get 14 weeks off. When a mom has a toddler in Venezuela, she will get 20 weeks off—oh, plus six weeks off earlier than having the child.

When a mom has a toddler in America? She will get nothing.

Learn the full story and discover the collection of infographics here. [Screenshot: The New York Times]

This is the stark actuality of being a dad or mum in the United States, the place we’re one in all solely six nations in the total world with none nationwide paid leave for childbirth or sickness. 185 nations round the world provide paid leave to new moms, and 174 nations provide paid leave for well being points. The U.S. does neither.

It’s a gross inequity that’s introduced to life in a new series of graphics by the New York Times. The workforce has taken a easy international map and painted the nations that provide government-sponsored leave to moms, fathers, and people who find themselves sick.


The subject is in the information once more due to President Biden’s $3.5 trillion home coverage plan, which initially included a brand new coverage of 12 weeks of paid household and medical leave. Due to political infighting, it seems paid leave has been pulled out of the plan altogether.

However as you possibly can see clearly in these images, the U.S. is an absolute outlier when it comes to maternal leave. Each nation in blue on the map affords some type of maternal leave. Solely the orange nations don’t.

Learn the full story and discover the collection of infographics here. [Screenshot: The New York Times]

Paternal leave is a barely totally different story. Right here, the U.S. is one in all 84 nations with out some type of leave for brand new fathers. Most of South America, Africa, and Asia don’t provide paternal leave. It’s proof that fathers are handled as second-class mother and father by a lot of the world’s governments, which solely locations extra burden on girls to stability a profession and household—feeding the gender pay gap. Such gendered constructs of parenting are clearly dated to start with, and they’re inflicting ongoing hurt. As an example, same-sex male couples are sometimes denied parental leave at work—even unpaid leave—for brand new youngsters.

Time will inform how the politics of the second shake out. One factor, nevertheless, is for sure: America could also be thought of a wealthy nation, however when it comes to leave advantages, we reside in poverty.