SMART wants to bring NASA’s airless tires to your bike

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Whereas bicycling doesn’t produce any air pollution, each time you get a flat tire whereas out on a experience, that rubber tube leads to a landfill. By one estimate, riders in San Francisco alone throw out greater than 100,000 tubes yearly, sufficient to wrap the Golden Gate bridge 33 instances. The SMART Tire Company hopes to make flat tires, and all that rubber waste, a factor of the previous, with airless bike tires that use expertise initially invented by NASA.

[Photo: Smart Tire Company]

NASA developed its airless shape memory alloy tires to be used on its lunar and Mars missions; the tires are versatile like rubber, however can work on varied terrains, can’t be punctured, and don’t use any air—excellent for permitting a rover to discover one other planet with out worrying about flats. The tires are fabricated from a fabric known as Nitinol, a mix of nickel and titanium. It’s getting its first shopper utility by way of SMART’s bicycle tire known as METL.

[Image: Smart Tire Company]

SMART has plans to make automotive tires, too, nevertheless it began with bikes as a result of the regulatory necessities are decrease than the automotive business, which suggests they might see a sooner time to market, and likewise as a result of demand is excessive, says Brian Yennie, co-founder and CTO at SMART, over electronic mail. The tires gained’t be “ultralight,” so highway cyclists may not have an interest, however their weight will examine to tires for gravel, mountain, and eBikes, he says. “We argue that there are externalized financial savings and advantages that enhance the advantages past simply weight,” he provides. “For instance, for a lot of cyclists merely ditching spares and restore instruments saves extra weight than the delta between tire fashions.”

[Photo: Smart Tire Company]

So as to grip onto the bottom, the tires have a tread across the alloy produced from Polyurethanium, SMART’s “code title” for a proprietary, rubber-like materials. Although driving could trigger a few of that tread to put on away, SMART says it would produced whole waste—and want to be disposed of much less regularly—than all of the rubber that goes into common bike tubes and tires. “We additionally intend to examine the chemical composition and manufacturing course of so as to reduce the full environmental impression in any respect phases of tire life,” Yennie says, and so they’re engaged on methods to permit riders to get their METL wheels retreaded.


[Photo: Smart Tire Company]

SMART expects the primary METL bicycle wheels to be publicly obtainable in 2022, and has additionally partnered with scooter firm Spin to develop form reminiscence alloy tires for e-scooters. Sooner or later, it hopes to sort out automotive tires, although it’s not the one one engaged on an airless various; Michelin says they’ll have an airless tire—known as the Uptis, or Distinctive Puncture-proof Tire System—available on the market by 2024.