Promoting yourself at work in a good way

p 1 how to self promote at work without coming off as full of yourself

Promoting yourself at work could be troublesome and awkward. “Good work speaks for itself,” the adage goes. And whereas it’s a comforting thought, it’s additionally wishful pondering.

The truth is that it’s unrealistic to imagine that your boss or colleagues will discover all of your abilities, skills, and accomplishments with out your pointing a few of them out. That is very true while you work remotely, sans the everyday visibility that in-person work permits. The unlucky fact is that an excessive amount of modesty can maintain you again.

Individuals who discover selling themselves uncomfortable have typically grown up in households or cultures the place full modesty—even false modesty—was anticipated. Many ladies additionally discover sharing their accomplishments tougher as a result of social conditioning.


To make certain, nobody needs to sound like that obnoxious colleague everyone knows who always toots their very own horn. Luckily, nonetheless, there are methods to advertise yourself successfully with out sounding conceited. Right here’s tips on how to strike the suitable tone and get extra snug selling yourself.

Perceive that self-promotion will not be all about you

This notion that self-promotion will not be all about you could appear counterintuitive. However it’s not simply you who misses out while you don’t spotlight your capabilities and achievements. When your boss or colleagues don’t perceive your full set of abilities, skills, pursuits, and achievements, your potential goes beneath realized. By proactively sharing what you possibly can contribute, you make their lives simpler and make it potential so that you can ship higher worth to your organization. Moreover, if you happen to lead a workforce, extreme modesty could be a drawback, holding your entire workforce again.

Tie your successes to the larger image

When serious about what to share and with whom, think about these questions: Why is what I did necessary? How does it match into the bigger strategic aims of my division and group? Aside from my direct boss, who else may care about this or profit from realizing?

Contemplating the broader view could make it simpler so that you can admire how realizing about your accomplishments may benefit others, and thus scale back your hesitation. By framing your achievements inside a broader context, you reveal an understanding of the larger image. Moreover, your feedback will appear extra like a stepping stone to a bigger, shared effort moderately than a solely self-serving boast.

Suppose your boss or one other colleague would profit from realizing about what you’ve achieved. In that case, you may say, “I do know you care a lot about this initiative, so I believed you may prefer to learn about a latest success of mine in that space.”

Keep on with the details 

In sharing your accomplishments, deal with outcomes. Like the way you may write a résumé’s bullet factors, briefly state what you achieved, or contributed, and the influence or outcomes of your efforts.


Sticking to extra goal information versus your interpretation of it might make it extra snug for you and extra compelling on your listeners. It additionally heads off the likelihood that others may disagree together with your assemble. For instance, if you happen to say, “I closed 4 offers in the final two months,” that is incontrovertible. Nevertheless, if you happen to say, “I’m one of the best nearer on the workforce,” others may hear it as bravado.

Don’t undercut yourself

If you do share your accomplishments, totally personal them. Keep away from the “humblebrag.” Self-deprecation could be mistaken for false humility or make you seem insincere, which might solely backfire. Research reveals that humblebragging reduces how competent you appear and could make others dislike you.

Moreover, if somebody compliments you for an accomplishment, don’t downplay it. You may assume that saying, “Oh, it was no massive deal” reveals humility, however that may be off-putting to others and even scale back your self-confidence over time. Accepting the acknowledgment doesn’t come throughout as conceited. A easy “thanks” is all you might want to say and hopefully that additionally lets you take the commendation to coronary heart.

Carry up others at the identical time

In sharing your accomplishments, embrace others who contributed to the success. Spotlighting the achievements of people in your workforce could be a straightforward and genuine way to broaden visibility. Additionally, it reveals generosity and an appreciation of others, qualities that may appeal to colleagues to wish to work with you.

Equally, you may discover others making extra of a level to acknowledge you, which permits your successes to be seen and heard with out your needing to even open your mouth. Should you’re pleasant with one among your officemates, possibly think about functioning as one another’s “wingman”—somebody who sings the opposite’s praises. That is a pure way to look good with out ever seeming self-important.

Open the door

Should you lead a workforce, create a construction for everybody to share their accomplishments. One chief I coached added “success sharing” to the standing agenda of her weekly workforce conferences. In round-robin style, she would ask all of her experiences to share latest wins and moments of delight. This construction additionally allowed her to observe and get snug with sharing her personal victories.

You should use a related technique in your one-on-one’s. In asking your direct experiences to share latest accomplishments or moments of delight, you may immediate them to finish this sentence, “Should you had been a fly on the wall, you’d have seen me . . .” This could let you learn about a few of their work that may have in any other case been invisible to you.

By creating the expectation and area for workforce members to share their successes, you’ll elevate the quieter, humbler voices in your workforce and achieve higher understanding of the total suite of skills in your workforce.

Promoting yourself could also be uncomfortable, but it surely’s additionally typically essential to tout your profession and contributions. By recognizing that self-promotion is not only about you, contextualizing your feedback, sticking to the details, and lifting others with you, you’ll extra comfortably and elegantly achieve the popularity you advantage.

Dina Smith is the proprietor of Cognitas, a management improvement agency in the San Francisco Bay Space.