People buying face masks turned Etsy into a go-to sales hub

Etsy greater than doubled its income final yr, in what its CEO known as “a transformative yr.” What, you ask, did everybody purchase on Etsy?

Masks. They purchased masks. This week Etsy CEO Josh Silverman let a few sales numbers slip on a podcast, together with that clients purchased $743 million value of masks in 9 months. “Masks weren’t a factor earlier than April 2, 2020. If somebody was trying to find a masks, they have been on the lookout for a Halloween masks or face cream.” Now they’re on the lookout for a cloth tone that flatters their eyes, or a “breathable” (i.e., completely non-protective) masks.

These numbers are astounding given that almost all masks value round $5 every, which means that Etsy offered sufficient masks to outfit a substantial portion of the U.S. inhabitants. So many masks that its 2020 earnings report refers to “non-mask product classes” and “masks adjoining objects.” (Memo to Etsy: Are you referring to bread yeast? Xanax?) The identical report giddily notes in a large font that “50% of the 3M mask-only patrons in Q3 returned in This autumn for a non-mask buy.” So masks have been a gateway drug to all of the other things folks purchased:


  • $3.2 billion in housewares and residential furnishings (up 118% from 2019)
  • $1.6 billion in jewellery and equipment (up 57% from 2019)
  • $1.2 billion in craft provides (up 102%)
  • $1 billion in attire (up 60%)

So folks purchased objects to prettify their houses and our bodies—which nobody else noticed for a yr. The above figures, by the way in which, exclude masks, presumably as a result of a forward-thinking finance particular person realized that together with masks numbers would make 2021 year-over-year sales figures seem like a dying spiral.

Masks sales are floating all the way down to sane ranges: 14% of sales within the second quarter, 11% within the third quarter, and 4% within the fourth quarter. Silverman is delicately suggesting that Etsy’s hovering revenues may cease hovering: “Etsy’s progress in 2021 is prone to decelerate off final yr’s excessive ranges.” Nicely, sure. You’ll be able to solely promote almost $1 billion in masks as soon as. Now it’s again to face lotions and Halloween.