NASA’s MiMi Aung on what it took to get the Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

MCP web Mimi Aung

“Flying a rotorcraft on Mars has been thought of nearly not possible by lots of people till now, as a result of the ambiance there’s so skinny,” says MiMi Aung, mission supervisor for Mars Helicopter Ingenuity, the first powered, managed plane to fly on one other planet, which landed with the Perseverance Rover final spring. “You’re pushing the ambiance by way of the rotor system so that you could obtain powered flight,” she says, which requires the rotors to obtain a rotational velocity of about 2,400 rpm, far increased than could be wanted on Earth—whereas carrying gear for navigating, charging itself, and speaking with its base station. Plus, it has to survive on its personal in Mars’s setting, “the place it’s actually chilly at night time,” says Aung, who earlier at the Jet Propulsion Lab developed the first digital receiver to observe tiny indicators from deep house and labored on the Terrestrial Planet Finder Interferometer, which seemed to uncover Earth-like planets round close by stars and proof of life. “Packing all of that functionality into 1.8 kilograms—that itself was innovation.” Ingenuity has already despatched again coloration photos of Mars’s terrain. Now it’s exploring the Crimson Planet additional, serving to the helicopter crew scout new touchdown websites.