Map of congressional House seats shows census gains and loss

The U.S. Census Bureau on Monday released new figures for 2020 that can decide the allocation of congressional seats, and not surprisingly, they prompted a stir faster than you may say Abolish the Electoral School.

Congressional districts are drawn in response to inhabitants—the House will get 435 of them to divvy up—and so adjustments within the decennial census imply adjustments in the place the seats find yourself. As People have migrated to hotter climates over the past 10 years, these patterns are evident. Texas, the last decade’s massive winner, is strolling away with two extra seats, whereas reliably blue strongholds New York and California each misplaced a seat.

It’s not that New York and California have fewer folks than they did in 2010. Fairly the opposite: They’ve elevated their resident populations by 6.1% and 4.2%, respectively. It’s simply that different states are rising quicker—Texas is sort of 16% larger than it was 10 years in the past. Florida, which gained a seat, grew its inhabitants by 14.6%.


Spatial analytics firm Esri has simply launched just a few new interactive maps that visualize the present scenario through which we as a nation discover ourselves:

The second of these two maps shows you what number of congressional seats every state now has, and it’s color-coded based mostly on whether or not the state has gained or misplaced. You possibly can see from the map that almost all of states broke even. These are proven in gray. Nevertheless, the inhabitants shifts are additionally clear, with six states within the Midwest and Northeast every dropping a seat.

Granted, none of these inhabitants shifts predict how folks will vote in future elections. Oregon and Colorado, which each gained a seat, went to Joe Biden in 2020. And individuals who migrate are in all probability going to take their voting habits with them. However with the House already up for grabs in 2022, there’s so much at stake. For sure, you may count on subsequent yr’s midterm election to be much more of a nail-biter.