Johns Hopkins University group wins Innovative Team of the Year

Innovation hardly ever occurs in a vacuum.  Most frequently, it emerges out of intense collaboration.  For the second straight 12 months, Quick Firm invited organizations to appoint workers for excellent collaborative work that delivered tangible outcomes, and these half dozen finalists stood out.


Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Useful resource Middle, Laurel, MD
Earlier than many People had been totally conscious of the looming pandemic, a staff at the Utilized Physics Laboratory was already working with others at the college to construct a dashboard with up-to-date information on the unfold of COVID-19. Starting in January 2020, the group created the most seen characteristic of the college’s Coronavirus Analysis Middle.  The dashboard has been considered greater than a billion occasions by customers round the world.  Core staff members included: Laura Asher, Sara Bertran de Lis, Beth Blauer, Evan Bolt, Beatrice Garcia, Lauren Gardner, Tamara Goyea, Aaron Katz, Ryan Lau, Tim Ng, Sarah Prata, Jeremy Ratcliff, Miles Stewart.


Abbott, Abbott Park, IL
Carsten Buenning, Virender Choudhary, Terry Finch, Lev Frayman, Stacey Huth, Steve Kovacs, Ryan Ray, Nate White, Andy Wilkinson, Nick Wooden

Genpact, New York
James Bellamy, Rahul Bhambri, Abhishek Bisht, Fraser Davidson, Subhabrata Ghosh, Sudarshan Hedge, Roy Lengthy, Malakumari Narayanasamy, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Eric Sandor

Grail, Menlo Park, CA
Josh Ofman

Lora DiCarlo, Bend, OR
Wes Adreon, Mazie Houchens, Blake Larkin, Ryan Riehl, Avery Smith

One Belief, Atlanta
Kabir Barday, Blake Brannon, Priya Malhotra, Prashanth Sharma