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Income Report for January 2021


Listed here are the numbers for January 2021.  As anticipated, sizeable drop in advert income.  Massive improve in content material funding.

Fats Stacks NOT included in revenue reviews

This revenue report ONLY consists of income/bills from my numerous area of interest blogs. It does NOT embody income or bills from Fats Stacks.  Fats Stacks is a special kind of website altogether. These reviews are merely to show that numerous area of interest blogs is usually a good enterprise.  It could be ludicrous to incorporate income from Fats Stacks because it’s the very website that publishes revenue reviews.  It could state “right here’s my revenue report primarily based on revenue earned by publishing revenue reviews.”  Doesn’t make sense to me.



There are lacking websites beneath as a result of I offered a bunch in December and January.

All figures are in USD.

  • Area of interest Website 1: $60,496
  • Area of interest Website 3: $270
  • Area of interest Website 8 (Cyclebaron.com): $44
  • Area of interest Website 9 : $1,914
  • Area of interest Website 10: $135

Complete Income from 5 websites: $62,859

The lion’s share of income is from show adverts.

Bills for all area of interest websites

I lump collectively all bills for all 8 area of interest websites as a result of it’s tough, impractical and unhelpful to spend the time allocating every expense to every website.

Complete bills for 8 area of interest websites: $10,150

Web Income: $52,709


Content material funding: $16,204

Content material sources embody WriterAccess and in-house writers.

Web revenue after content material funding:   $36,505

I clarify right here why I extract content material prices from bills.

Study extra

For those who’re involved in studying what I do intimately, seize my complete bundle of programs right here.


Because the lion’s share of income is from AdThrive, I’ll simply embody an AdThrive screenshot. Extra income sources embody EX.co, Amazon and some different tiny income streams.