I’m breaking a huge productivity rule

Businessman working on multiple gadgets at the same time.

Some of the widespread productivity ideas is to NOT multitask.

I perceive the reasoning behind it.


I don’t care.

I multitask anyway… in particular conditions and it makes my life higher, simpler, and FAR MORE PRODUCTIVE.

I’m positive the productivity gurus on the market will take me to the duty. Possibly they’ll even counsel I’m being irresponsible scripting this e-mail.

Nevertheless, I usually go in opposition to standard knowledge as a result of it really works.

If I wished to be common, I’d comply with standard knowledge.

That’s to not say the traditional knowledge is at all times unsuitable. Generally it’s proper.

What I’m suggesting is don’t take it at face worth.


Take a look at it for your self.

I do and typically my approach is healthier.

Again to multitasking.

I don’t at all times multitask, however typically I do for the higher.

It relies on what I’m doing.

For instance, after I write, I don’t multitask. I simply write.

Grasp on, gotta go test e-mail and Google Analytics. Be proper again.

Haha, kidding.

When do I multitask?

I multitask when confronted with tedious, repetitive duties.

I do know I ought to simply put my head down and bang them out, however that’s not me. I gained’t end them. In reality, I usually gained’t begin them if confronted with nothing however tediousness for one hour.


So what I do is intersperse tedious duties all through the day with inventive duties comparable to outlining articles and even writing.

On this case, I could multitask with writing, however on this occasion, writing is serving as an gratifying outlet to get via the monotony of tediousness.

I feel an instance is so as. I’ll use the very state of affairs that impressed this e-mail.

As I write this e-mail, I’m coping with two terribly tedious duties. They’re:

  • Posting Fb posts, and
  • Putting in and organising a plugin for a particular activity on all my area of interest websites.

As an apart, one super-duper awful side of proudly owning a number of websites is deploying plugins on all of them. It’s a actual drag.

You may be considering “why don’t you simply have a VA do all that stuff?”

Usually I might however the FB posts are experiments so I wish to do them.

The plugin setup requires some nuanced settings which are completely different for every web site so once more, it falls to me.

Okay, so I’m scheduling out 40 Fb posts or so and putting in a plugin on 17 web sites.

If I buckled down and banged every one out, the 2 duties would take perhaps 1.5 hours tops. Extra possible one hour.

As a result of I’m multi-tasking, I’m doing it over the course of 5 hours.

In reality, I’m multitasking it with a very gratifying challenge which is creating a 6-month timeline guidelines for a way I plan, launch and develop area of interest websites. This useful useful resource can be added to the Fats Stacks Bundle of programs.

I do a tedious activity such because the publish to Fb, then work on my Fats Stacks bundle cheat sheet for a bit. Then I do one plugin set up, return it to my cheat sheet. On and on.

It might not be essentially the most environment friendly strategy, however every little thing really will get accomplished.

Which is the purpose.

I really will get each tedious duties accomplished at this time together with different duties such because the useful timeline guidelines for Bundle members.

If I had been staring down the barrel of 40 FB posts multi function shot, I’d in all probability put it off… indefinitely. Similar with a plugin set up on 17 websites.

That’s a worst-case state of affairs.

That’s my case for multitasking.

Whereas it might buck the norm, a minimum of I get stuff accomplished.