How to password protect your Google search history

p 1 how to password protect your google search history

By now everybody is aware of that Google retains a working record of every little thing you search for through its major search engine, and likewise in its different merchandise like YouTube and Google Maps. Some folks discover this working record of their search history helpful–nearly like a digital repository for posterity’s sake. So long as you’re logged into your Google account on your telephone or laptop, you’ll be able to navigate to and click on any of the net, location, or YouTube hyperlinks to see your searches.

However as of right this moment, Google is including extra protections to your account exercise. Now customers can select to require a password to view their exercise history even when they’re already logged into their Google account on their units. And including a password requirement is straightforward. Right here’s how to password protect your Google search history.

  1. Go to (ensure you are logged into your Google account).
  2. Click on the “Handle My Exercise Verification” hyperlink.
  3. Within the popup that seems, choose “Require additional verification.”
  4. Click on Save.
  5. On the following display enter your Google password.

As soon as that is finished, any time you navigate again to you’ll want to enter your Google password even in case you are already logged in earlier than you’ll be able to see any of your search histories.