How to find a job that fits your personality type

p 1 how to find a job that fits your personality type better

Should you’re not pleased at work, a new firm or a new boss may not be the answer. The issue may be the job itself. Even when it seems good on paper, it may not be a match for your personality.

“Two individuals in the identical discipline might have fully totally different experiences and wishes for what makes a job really satisfying,” says Kelly Tieger, coauthor of Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type, the 1992 best-selling profession recommendation ebook (the newly up to date sixth version shall be out there April 13). “Not each job is equally suited or can fulfill each particular person. All of it comes down to the actual fact that we’re all wired in another way.”

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Know Your Type

To find a job that fits your personality, Tieger recommends figuring out your Myers-Briggs type. The personality take a look at identifies your strengths and weaknesses and places you into one in every of 16 varieties. You will have taken it at school or as a part of a job screening. When you have to pay a licensed practitioner to administer the official Myers-Briggs take a look at, you possibly can find a related free version online.

You can even make an informed guess by reflecting on your preferences, that are made up of 4 dimensions:

  • How you work together with the world and direct your vitality: Extrovert (E) or Introvert (I)
  • The form of info you naturally discover: Sensing (S) or Instinct (N)
  • How you make selections: Considering (T) or Feeling (F)
  • Whether or not you like to dwell in a extra structured manner to make selections, Judging (J), or in a spontaneous manner by taking in info, Perceiving (P)

The mixture of letters creates your type, equivalent to INTJ or ESTP. You possibly can confirm your type by reading the descriptions online.

Your personality type will help point out job satisfaction for particular roles. “Sure personality varieties are greatest suited to sure positions, however each business has one thing for everybody,” Tieger says.

Know Your Temperament

Psychologist David Keirsey says that the 16 personality varieties fall into one in every of 4 temperaments:

  • Traditionalists: ESTJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ISFJ
  • Experiencers: ESTP, ISTP, ESFP, ISFP
  • Idealists: ENFJ, INFJ, ENFP, INFP
  • Conceptualizers: ENTJ, INTJ, ENTP, INTP

In accordance to Tieger, individuals with the identical temperament have a tendency to share sure core values, which may relate to flourishing in several work settings.

Traditionalists, who’re “Sensing Judgers,” belief details and confirmed knowledge and like a structured, orderly world. They worth safety, propriety, guidelines, and conformity. A great job for a Traditionalist may be one that includes a comparatively excessive degree of duty and a clear-cut chain of command. Traditionalists often make good managers and leaders.


Experiencers, who’re “Sensing Perceivers,” consider the senses. They’re open to potentialities and like flexibility. A great job for an Experiencer offers autonomy, selection, and motion. They usually change into the “firefighter” in a firm, noticing and responding to crises.

Idealists, who’re “Intuitive Feelers,” search out that means and relationships, and so they make selections primarily based on their values. They’re good at resolving conflicts and serving to individuals work collectively extra successfully. A great job for an Idealist is one through which they find personally significant relatively than routine.

Conceptualizers, who’re “Intuitive Thinkers,” additionally search for that means, however they use it to make logical selections. They see the massive image and are revolutionary. A great job for a Conceptualizer may be one that offers autonomy and a possibility to generate concepts. (My type is INTJ, which might be why I really like my profession as a author.)

Making the Mistaken Profession Alternative

When you might imagine you’d naturally select a profession that fits your personality, the reality is that individuals include baggage once they search for work, Tieger says, noting, “We deliver expectations from our households. Throughout our upbringing, we’re despatched fixed messages about what we ought to be doing. These are often good intentions from supportive households and steering counselors, however it will possibly lead to making the flawed profession alternative.”

Should you’re depressing at work, step one is knowing that it doesn’t have to be that manner and the change doesn’t have to be drastic. “You possibly can keep in the identical business and pivot duties or the type of labor you do,” Tieger says. “The pandemic made employers extra versatile by necessity and gave staff a likelihood to pause and mirror. It’s possible you’ll give you the option to tackle extra duties or transition into a function that’s a higher match.”

Whereas your personality type doesn’t change over time, it does evolve. “What may need been satisfying in your twenties can change the older you get,” Tieger says. “We’re all on a pure journey in direction of a extra balanced life. Carl Jung mentioned we’re all striving to be balanced individuals. The purpose of self-actualization is to search steadiness and wholeness. As we become old, hopefully we’re on monitor to develop elements of ourselves we haven’t developed earlier than.”

Now could be the proper time to harness the second, Tieger says. “Ask your self, What do I like about my job? Is there room to advocate for a change? Self-knowledge is extremely highly effective, however no person will do the give you the results you want.”