German gymnasts wear unitards in push against sexualization

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Simply in case you’re confused on this level, let’s assessment some details: No, gymnasts don’t have to be practically nude in order that judges can someway “see” their actions clearly. No, the endemic leotard wedgie just isn’t someway an inevitable a part of gymnastics apparel.

The great folks of Germany have figured this out. Throughout final month’s European Gymnastics Championships, a couple of German rivals competed in unitards. Don’t know what a unitard is? It’s like a leotard with legs and arms—kinda like a wetsuit, however skinny. As Slate recently reported the German staff needs to cease the sexualisierung of the game. Hallelujah.

Although you would possibly assume that judges’ direct view of gymnast’s our bodies is useful, it’s really an issue: As many observers have identified, gymnasts needs to be scored based mostly on their performances, not their our bodies. Leotards reveal particulars that don’t have to be judged, like cellulite. As any Lululemon-wearing human is aware of, good spandex can cover, carry, or emphasize, offering much-needed respiratory room.


The German unitards are beautiful navy-and-red items that glitter with crystals. That reduction your eyes really feel is aesthetic cohesion. Leotards sometimes juxtapose pores and skin and curves and material, giving the attention no explicit place to look, however a number of locations to leer. Have you ever ever seen that many people look pleasant both bare or dressed, however few look actually good half-dressed? Similar idea right here. A well-conceived unitard’s design wholly incorporates the traces of all four-plus ft of the wearer’s physique, offering the gaze constant traces, shapes, and textures to comply with.

It’s, in brief, visually lucid. And stylish. And not a one-centimeter material slip away from pornography. And it leaves simply sufficient to the creativeness (although nonetheless fairly little by any real-world normal). Three cheers for Germany.