Extreme Texas cold weather could cause gas prices to rise

Right here’s an surprising means to spend your stimulus examine: On the gas pump.

The acute winter weather in Texas has taken a number of the largest refineries in america offline, and turning off the spigot could affect drivers all through the nation who’re trying to refill their gas tanks.

The nationwide common value of a gallon of gas for motorists could bounce 10 to 20 cents per gallon over the subsequent couple of weeks, in accordance to Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum evaluation at GasBuddy.com. If the refineries—which deal with about 20% of the nation’s capability—stay down for every week or extra, we could be a hike in prices of greater than 20 cents per gallon.


Phil Flynn, a senior power analyst at Value Futures Group in Chicago, additionally expects to see gasoline prices rise 8 to 10 cents for the quick time period.

“It actually is determined by how lengthy the refineries are shut down,” he says. “We’re an enormous spike up.”

The issue is that 3.5 million barrels of capability is offline. Plus, an estimated 2 million barrels of crude oil manufacturing is offline, which can lead to increased crude oil prices and gas prices, as a result of the refineries aren’t making gasoline.

This week’s winter storm, which introduced snow and freezing temperatures not usually seen in Texas, has battered the Lone Star State, leaving hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies with out energy.