E-waste in 2021 could weigh more than Great Wall of China

In its report, WEEE Discussion board director Pascal Leroy presses producers to acknowledge their position in this downside, citing electronics’ shrinking lifespans and the battle these corporations are waging towards shoppers’ proper to restore. The waste is difficult to fathom, from a number of angles: A ton of discarded cell phones now accommodates more gold than a ton of gold ore, UN Sustainable Cycles Program director Ruediger Kuehr tells WEEE Discussion board. Which implies that, technically, mining iPhones ought to now be more profitable than extracting precise gold nuggets from the rocks in a mine. And except we cut back their use, we’re in danger in the following century of operating out of a number of different components used as smartphone supplies—some random chemical substances like gallium, arsenic, silver, indium, yttrium, and tantalum.