Disney heiress urges goverments to tax the rich or else

Over 100 millionaires, together with Disney heiress Abigail Disney, have signed an open letter urging governments to tax them extra, reports Insider. The letter, “In Tax We Trust,” calls out the injustice of the worldwide tax system and the way that injustice is driving the erosion of belief throughout society:

This injustice baked into the basis of the worldwide tax system has created a colossal lack of belief between the folks of the world and the elites who’re the architects of this technique. Bridging that divide goes to take greater than billionaire self-importance tasks or piecemeal philanthropic gestures—it’s going to take an entire overhaul of a system that up till now has been intentionally designed to make the rich richer.

The open letter comes simply days after Oxfam Worldwide released a new inequality report exhibiting that 99% of the world’s inhabitants noticed their earnings fall throughout the pandemic whereas the world’s richest noticed their incomes double throughout the similar time. The report famous that this earnings inequality is main to the deaths of 21,000 folks every day–one each 4 seconds.


The letter additionally comes as the annual World Financial Discussion board (WEF) kicked off this week, which sees the planet’s wealthiest and strongest come collectively to talk about the state of the world. The WEF is normally held in Davos, Switzerland, however is being held on-line this 12 months due to the pandemic. However the letter alleges Davos is little greater than a self-congratulatory present:

The reality is that “Davos” doesn’t deserve the world’s belief proper now. For all the numerous hours spent speaking about making the world a greater place, the convention has produced little tangible worth amidst a torrent of self-congratulations. Till individuals acknowledge the easy, efficient resolution staring them in the face—taxing the rich—the folks of the world will proceed to see their so-called dedication to fixing the world’s issues as little greater than a efficiency.

The letter closes with a bleak warning about what drastically unequal societies lead to, arguing that if wealth isn’t taxed extra, “then all the personal talks received’t change what’s coming—it’s taxes or pitchforks. Let’s hear to historical past and select correctly.”