Convincing your boss about a four-day workweek

p 1 how to convince your boss about the merits of a four day workweek

If weekends appear to fly by, be grateful you weren’t born through the early twentieth century when having someday off a week was the usual for many employers. In 1922, Henry Ford doubled day off by implementing the Monday-through-Friday timeline at The Ford Firm.

A five-day, 40-hour workweek may go nicely when output is measured by objects coming down an meeting line, however productiveness is completely different in relation to information work. COVID disrupted customary methods of working and created an experiment the place firms discovered that productiveness isn’t measured by hours in a chair.

Maybe it’s time to rethink the workweek and do issues in a different way, says Joe Sanok, writer of Thursday is the New Friday: How to Work Fewer Hours, Make More Money, and Spend Time Doing What You Want.


“Our greatest work by no means comes after we’re pressured and maxed out,” he says. “It’s intuitive however analysis factors to it, too. If you transfer to a four-day workweek with robust boundaries round when work begins and stops, workers are sometimes extra inventive and extra productive.”

Why Much less Is Extra

Researchers in Iceland tracked a group of two,500 workers who labored a four-day workweek with the identical pay and located that their wellbeing dramatically elevated, they usually reported much less stress and burnout and higher work-life stability. Microsoft Japan experimented with a four-day workweek and skilled a 40% enhance in productiveness, though they’ve since discontinued the apply.

It appears counterintuitive that much less time leads to extra output. In case you’ve ever tried to complete up work earlier than a three-day vacation weekend, nonetheless, you already know it’s potential to suit 5 days of labor into a shortened week, says Sanok.

“If you scale back the period of time you might have, it forces you to make one of the best use of that point,” he says. “When you’ve got 20 duties and solely time for 14, you’ll select one of the best 14 and do essentially the most important issues first.”

Most of us have heard of Parkinson’s Regulation, which says that work expands to fill the time obtainable for its completion. By adopting a four-day workweek, Sanok says you’ll have a look at it in a new manner. “It forces you to look at what you’re doing and drop the belongings you shouldn’t be spending time doing. You even have to handle procrastination head on.”

Easy methods to Implement a 4-Day Workweek

To regulate your workdays, Sanok says you should arrange exhausting and mushy boundaries round your time. Exhausting boundaries are non-negotiable and mushy boundaries are guidelines that may be relaxed when an emergency arises and might’t wait till Monday to be fastened.


The toughest half could also be setting boundaries with your self, particularly if you happen to’re self employed or make money working from home. Many people may go out of boredom if we don’t have anything deliberate or out of hysteria. Determine what’s the set off for working exterior of the time you need to work.

“If it’s out of boredom, schedule some hobbies that present success,” says Sanok. “If it’s out of hysteria or out of a feeling that your enterprise isn’t working appropriately, add an additional set of eyes to find out what isn’t working appropriately.”

Then measure your progress to find out if the shift to 4 days is working nicely. “You possibly can observe what number of hours you’re employed and the way a lot cash you produce,” says Sanok. “In case you work 10 much less hours and made 5% extra, then you definately’ve made the case to your self.”

Getting Your Boss On Board

If you’re an worker, you must gauge if your supervisor has an industrial mindset and sees you want a machine. In case you assume there’s a chance for them to be adaptable to new mannequin, Sanok suggests having a dialogue.

“Are there clear KPIs for your position?” he asks. “How are you already judged? And contemplate what are the potential fires that would occur whenever you’re not within the workplace or clocked in. Then establish who may cowl that.”

4-day workweeks typically work finest when a whole staff is on the identical schedule. To deal with consumer emergencies, Sanok suggests firms put a contingency plan in place, with one individual on name on a rotating schedule. He additionally means that firms attempt a four-day workweek as a two- to three-month experiment, or have one staff pilot it to find out the way it may affect others. Then maintain a month-to-month 360-degree overview to find out what’s going nicely and what wants adjustment.

“No supervisor desires to seem like they made numbers drop on account of an experiment,” says Sanok. “They need credit score for being revolutionary. If you take an experimental mindset and discover out what works nicely, you need to use the important thing studying classes in a second experiment.”

In actuality, the five-day workweek has merely been a 100-year experiment, and maybe its time has come.

“The Babylonians gave us the seven-day week, the Egyptians had an eight-day week and the Romans had 10,” says Sanok. “It’s all fully made up. Henry Ford gave us the 40-hour week so he may promote extra automobiles to staff who now had extra leisure time. It’s now not the Industrial Period, and we don’t have to consider folks as robots and machines. The post-pandemic technology will get to determine what we need to do transferring ahead. Doing one thing completely different may really make a distinction.”