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Sustainability isn’t simply measured in kilos, emissions, and materials sourcing. It’s additionally measured in bytes.

Amsterdam-based design studio Formafantasma, whose work focuses on sustainable design, has a newly redesigned website that’s higher for the atmosphere. The positioning seems to be about as plain as you will get: It has tons of white house, few photographs, and solely two typefaces: Arial and Times New Roman, in customary blue and black that harkens again to the early days of the net.

[Screenshot: FormaFantasma]

You most likely haven’t thought of whether or not some web sites may be extra sustainable than others, however in actual fact, net design selections can have an effect on how a lot power the web site makes use of. On this case, the Formafantasma crew made visible selections that had a direct impact on the web site’s sustainability. They didn’t simply select Times New Roman and Arial as a result of they preferred them, however as a result of they’re customary default typefaces—and subsequently, the most sustainable typefaces on the net.

To know why, it helps to take a quick sojourn into the inner workings of the web. All the knowledge that makes up an internet site lives on a server someplace. So while you go to an internet site, say,, your browser is definitely making a request to entry that info. The host server offers the okay and sends again all the info that makes up the web site—whether or not it’s typefaces, photographs, you identify it—via the web and again to your pc. “All the content material that must be loaded in a web page, together with fonts, logos, and so forth., are a request to the server,” explains Andrea Trimarchi, a cofounder of Formafantasma. These requests, known as HTTP requests, require power and cupboard space. So to make an internet site as sustainable as potential, these requests should be as minimal as potential.


[Screenshot: FormaFantasma]

Arial and Times New Roman are default fonts on each Macs and PCs, which suggests there are no further requests required. “That is additionally why the ‘FORMAƑANTASMA’ brand is a nonlogo,” says Trimarchi. “It makes use of Unicode symbols that are visualized and accessible on all gadgets in the similar method.”

Arial and Times New Roman aren’t the solely default fonts: Courier New, Georgia, Verdana, and Helvetica are as properly, which makes them equally sustainable. Nonetheless, when you think about the incontrovertible fact that total foundries churn out custom-designed typefaces, that is slim pickings.

[Screenshot: FormaFantasma]

Although Formafantasma’s kind selection is critical, there are different methods to cut back an internet site’s environmental affect, in response to Ben Kiel, a typeface designer and accomplice in XYZ Type. Utilizing smaller photographs is definitely the most impactful solution to decrease a web site’s footprint, he says. “That is one thing that’s a bugaboo as a result of net designers all the time need the smallest potential font file however then load large photographs. So specializing in the fonts versus photographs is like forests for timber.” (Photos, which are typically measured in megabytes, are normally a lot bigger than {custom} font recordsdata, which are usually measured in kilobytes.) “It doesn’t essentially imply you can’t use {custom} fonts, as a result of {custom} fonts may be small,” he says. “It signifies that you must make deliberate selections.”

When you’re capable of make the visible tradeoff, these sustainable design selections may also enhance the consumer expertise as a result of pages load extra rapidly, Kiel provides. Serving smaller file sizes is necessary for cell bandwidth, in response to Kiel, and may be cheaper for customers who pay for knowledge. (Monitoring code additionally performs a job: The less trackers you might have, the much less power you’ll use and the sooner your web site can be.) In all, the Formafantasma web site is an train in restraint that places that previous design mantra “much less is extra” to good use. And even when {custom} typefaces aren’t the greatest power suck on their web site, the stark visible look emphasizes the studio’s sustainable design mission and makes it straightforward to navigate. Kiel encourages net designers to suppose of these design choices much more broadly. “Solely serving individuals what they should show the web page is simply good design.”