Americans still eat way too much meat. This infographic proves it

However honestly, every of those tales solely captures a tiny snapshot of the larger image of what Americans eat. The USDA has adopted the consumption of greater than 200 completely different meals gadgets since 1970, starting from veal to grapefruit. And information visualization designer Nathan Yau not too long ago remodeled 5 many years of American consuming into a series of delightful timelines that depict a much more nuanced take a look at our weight loss program.

He broke the information into six classes: proteins, greens, fruits, dairy, grains, and added fat. The gadgets on prime are what we devour probably the most, and the underside, what we devour much less of. These colorful stacks, which correspond with the true meals colours, are piled excessive like sandwiches full of information.

Click on here for a bigger model. [Image: courtesy Nathan Yau/FlowingData]

The vegetable stack, specifically, appears one thing like a cheeseburger. That wasn’t intentional on Yau’s half. However provided that tomatoes, onions, and lettuce are a number of the most consumed “greens” within the U.S., it truly makes excellent sense that the graph would resemble the literal meals! (Sure, tomatoes are technically a fruit, however the USDA calls them a veggie.)

Click on here for a bigger model. [Image: courtesy Nathan Yau/FlowingData]

As for what these graphics can train us? Regardless of the expansion of plant-based consuming, Americans are still obsessive about meat. We eat extra meat than another class—and we hold consuming extra meat over time. Our favourite protein is hen, and the typical American now eats 54.6 kilos of hen a 12 months. It beat out beef as America’s favourite protein in 2004. The common American eats about 20 kilos much less beef per 12 months now than they did again in 1970. (Curiously, we do eat extra nuts than lamb or veal—and we devour markedly extra nuts than through the low-fat craze of the Nineties.)


Past the dominance of hen, a few of our favourite meals are potatoes (22.8 kilos per 12 months), bananas (13.9 kilos per 12 months), and . . . ugh . . . American cheese?!? (12.1 kilos per 12 months). But whereas we eat extra cheese than ever, we’ve seen milk consumption plummet for the reason that ’70s.

Click on here for a bigger model. [Image: courtesy Nathan Yau/FlowingData]

All of those huge traits apart, my favourite tales are the small ones that you may spot lurking inside these graphs, as varied meals swap locations forwards and backwards, rising and waning in reputation in response to cultural traits. You may see butter spike in 2004, elbowing out margarine. The 2 fat duke it out for about 5 years till butter wins. Popsicles had been highly regarded for just a few years within the early ’90s, through the heyday of Jell-O pudding pops. And, as a millennial, I have to level out: In 2010, the avocado surged previous its fellow fruits—the pears, tangerines, and pineapples—to change into the stuff of memes.

Oranges, you’d higher watch out. Avocados are coming for you subsequent.