A meme roundup we never wanted

Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist Ed Yong published a piece within the Atlantic on Thursday morning about what to anticipate from the following section of the pandemic, now that we know extra concerning the delta variant.

It doesn’t take the newest scientific evaluation, nonetheless, to conclude that the yr isn’t going to play out the best way it appeared it might, again when vaccinations first turned out there and the very idea of planning returned. Though President Biden has made clear, maybe prematurely, that the U.S. will not be going back into lockdown mode, any probability of a carefree, normal-feeling fall has slipped away. Hospitals are filling up, masks have come roaring back, field workplace grosses are down, and bands are pulling out of excursions. Not solely did Scorching Vaxxed Summer time fizzle out; no matter we have been going to name this fall, it isn’t taking place in any respect.

Individuals on Twitter have already intuited as a lot, and processed it within the common language of the web: memes.


If tweets just like the above appear acquainted, although, it’s as a result of we’ve already been down this very same street earlier than. This pandemic has been happening so lengthy that we already did My Plans / 2020 final summer season. We already needed to see a number of folks make the identical reference to Dennis Nedry’s lamentable fate in Jurassic Park. All of this already occurred and we are caught in a time loop. Hulu could also be moments away from releasing Andy Samberg’s time loop comedy Palm Springs once more for the second time within the pandemic.

We’ve already repurposed our favourite TV exhibits to make commentary on our wildly disrupted lives.

Nonetheless, this newest crop of memes proves that we nonetheless have the capability to shock one another with jokes on this format, and that new issues have occurred exterior of the delta variant for the reason that final time this meme went round.

The most recent iteration of this meme is miserable in its fatalistic feeling of repetition and inevitability, nevertheless it’s additionally a reminder that if we can’t go anyplace once more, at the least we’ll all be caught on-line collectively, serving to one another get via this with humor.

Regardless of how a lot completely the rest can be preferable.